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10 Interesting Michael Jackson Facts

Tuesday, December 11th 2012. | People

Michael Jackson facts to be one of the most sought after by fans. Mysterious. That’s the right word to describe the life of the world pop icon, Michael Jackson. Shine at the age I was young to make him appear as the most famous black man on earth. Throughout his life, a lot of strange news about the man known by the style of this Moonwalker from private life to the secrets of the stage action is riveting. This is 10 interesting Michael Jackson facts.

1. Michael Jackson’s Oxygen Bed

Muchael Jackson Facts

Oxygen Bed

For the sake of appearance and the desire for longevity, Michael Jackson used to sleep in capsule oxygen. But then it’s a habit he left off, and donate capsule bed medical center was in California to be used for burns treatment.
Note: In an interview with Oprah, Jackson denied that he slept in bed capsule. He said he donated one million U.S. dollars for the agency to buy the bed. When he saw the bed (capsule oxygen), he felt strange and then try the technology in that bed. Incidentally when he tried, there are people who took a picture.

2. Michael Jackson Egyptian Sculpture

Flickr users capture images of a statue of ancient Egyptian women at the Field Museum in Chicago. He speculated that Michael Jackson was inspired changes in his face (plastic surgery) after seeing the statue. It may be that this is true, you try to compare, Jackson’s face last (lifetime) with a statue in the picture above, like it?

3. Jackson’s Patented Anti-Gravity Boot

Did you know that to Michael Jackson’s stage performances have created a special boots that allow him to stand by leaning forward position without falling. These shoes are the cause. Jackson’s body can withstand the weight of the skew. Boot seems to defy gravity. He wore these boots in the clip ‘Smooth Criminal’. Anti-gravity boot has been patented in his name. This Anti-gravity boot is amazing Michael Jackson facts.

4. Bubble the chimp, Michael’s best friend

In 1985, Michael Jackson rescued a three-year-old chimpanzee named Bubbles of Texas cancer research center. Since then, Bubbles always accompany Jackson to everywhere. According to Jacko, Bubbles is the best friend. Interestingly, Jackson always wanted Bubbles to look at him, including in terms of clothing. ‘They’ look like ‘twins’ for dressing alike. But then Jackson’s Bubbles deposited on the animal shelter because these animals proved to be safe was left free to play with the community. But Jacko who already love with her children, still regularly visit the ‘friend’ is. Bubbles seem to realize that Jackson loves. This is one of many interesting Michael Jackson facts.

5. Michael Suffering from Rare Genetic Disease

Michael Jackson suffering from a rare genetic disease called Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. This condition is one of the 8,000 rare diseases that exist in the world. This is secret Michael Jackson facts.

6. Billie Jean was the first MTV video by a black artist

“Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson is the first MTV video featuring black artists (1983), this is one interesting Michael Jackson facts.

7. Michael Jackson’s Video Game

Sega created a video game that uses the figure named Jacko Jackson’s Moonwalker. Moonwalker became the first model featuring a celebrity figure in the game of video games. The story in the video game is really irony with Jackson real life. Because in the video game it is told how Jacko saving children from criminal action crime boss named Mr.Big. This is unique Michael Jackson facts that not everyone knows.

Michael genetical Disease

Michael genetical Disease

8. Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie Vinyl Figure

Imported from Japan! Whatever you think about the eccentricities of the King of Pop, but it does not eliminate the Thriller album exploded on the market and became a pop culture of America.

9. World’s Largest Thriller Dance-Off

“Thrill the World” occurred in 2008 where as many as 4,000 more people around the world wearing white gloves and dress up like zombies to celebrate Jackson’s Thriller. This was done around 4177 people in 72 cities and 10 nations, they popularized Jackson’s Thriller dance. Events ‘crazy’ is done for charity. This is interesting Michael Jackson facts.

10. Michael Jackson’s Punch-Out

Michael Jackson's Punch-Out

Michael Jackson's Punch-Out

One of the best games produced by NES. In this game, he fought against Macaulay Culkin to survive. This is unique facts about Michael Jackson. All this facts is amazing and extremely unique Michael Jackson facts.

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