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10 Interesting Mississippi River Facts

Monday, November 12th 2012. | Nature

Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans used the Great River Road for trade and travel, habits start since the days of ancient Indians. One of the major rivers that are used for transportation is the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River has a depth of less than 3 feet in the upper leg in Minnesota, but the deepest point of the river reaches a depth of 200 meters. It is 10 interesting Mississippi river facts.

1. The Mississippi River flows south from Lake Itasca in Northern Minnesota, to the Gulf of Mexico, in Louisiana.

Mississppi River

Mississppi River

2. The length of the Mississippi River 740 miles is the third longest river in North America.

3. The Mississippi River is a watershed with an area of 1.2 million square miles.

4. Mississippi tributaries merge from 32 states and two Canadian provinces.

5. Mississippi and its tributaries drain almost all the land between the Appalachians and the Rockies. Drainage basin is the third largest in the world, smaller only than the Amazon and Congo rivers.

6. The Mississippi River was discovered by De Soto in 1541.

7. Bemidji, the first town on the Mississippi River is located in the state of Minnesota, 100 miles south of the Canadian border.

Mississppi Tributaries

Mississppi Tributaries

8. Northern Ojibwe people of Minnesota called ”Messipi” or The Big River. It is also known as Mee-zee-bee-see or Father Waters.

9. At Lake Itasca, the Mississippi River is the height of 1475 meters above sea level. It’s down to the sea surface in the Gulf of Mexico.

10. Water skiing was invented in 1922 in the Mississippi River in the area of the river known as Lake Pepin, between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Mississippi Water Skiing

Mississippi Water Skiing

The Mississippi River has had a strong history in the lives of United States, this river has been used as a means of transport since the ancient Indians. Some of the above facts are facts about Mississippi River.

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