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10 Interesting Money Facts

Wednesday, January 29th 2014. | Economics

Money is a payment instrument issued by a state and has certain standards, you are announcing the history of money? Now we will talk about 10 interesting money facts.

1. Largest Paper Money

Largest Paper Money

Largest Paper Money

Legal-sized sheet of paper, paper money of the world’s largest single is worth 100,000 pesos issued by the Philippine government in 1998. Designed to celebrate a century of independence from Spanish rule has only been offered money to collectors, who want to buy this limited edition piece of money worth 180,000 pesos, or about 37 million dollars.

2. One of Appeals One Million

The highest value banknote issued by the Bank of England with a value of £ 1,000,000, was issued in 1948 as a temporary unit for reconstruction after the war the Marshall Plan. Designed for use by the U.S. government, the bill was later canceled after a few months, few have reached the hands of the public. But since money is no longer published not mean no value anymore in 2008, one of the two the money saved was auctioned for $ 120,000.

3. You Cannot Bring Me

All bills must be used. The smaller the value, the more often you wear them – and the shorter the period of his life. Money $ 1 only lasted 21 months, while the money Ben Franklin can last more than seven years. All the time, of course, because of inflation, its value continues to decline, so you have to spend it quickly.


No one knows the origin of dollar sign ($), but the U.S. Institute of Printing and Publishing had a good story. Government agencies in charge of designing and publishing all the dollars it says, this design was originally used to represent the Spanish and Mexican pesos, “PS,” written such that S is above the P. This symbol is used before the release of U.S. dollars in the first paper in 1875. If you never know, the symbol never appears on U.S. paper currency.

5. World’s First ATM

ATM Westminster Bank in London in 1968.
This may be the best idea for people in the tub since the time of Archimedes. When bathing, the inventor, John Shepherd-Barron sparked what is known as the Automatic Teller Machine first in the world, despite its claim to the goods that are still disputed. He gives the goods in the United Kingdom bank, Barclays. The bank was accepted, and the first model was built and installed in London in 1967. Even though this machine uses a PIN (personal identification number), the concept of Shepherd-Barron also claimed to have found that ATM is dependent on checks printed with the radioactive isotope carbon 14 to withdraw the money, because the magnetic encoding for an ATM card has not been developed. One unique difference from a modern ATM: ATM first it does not charge

6. Police Counterfeiting U.S. Money

After the Civil War, counterfeit currency into a big problem in the U.S., more than a third believed to be counterfeit paper money, so the government was forced to act. 1865, a special division of the Ministry of Finance set up to prevent fraud before it destroys the economic system of this nation.

7. All about Elizabeth

From Australia to Trinidad and Tobago, the face of Queen Elizabeth II has colored currency more than 33 countries face the other figures. Canada is the first to use facial queen of Britain, in 1935, when the country issued a daughter who was 9 years old on $ 20 bills. For years, Elizabeth used 26 different faces in Britain.

World's First ATM

World's First ATM

8. Dirty Money

All the money can be washed: this object dirty. Research shows that the majority of U.S. paper currency is contaminated cocaine. Drug smugglers commonly use cocaine stained hands to move the money, and many of the wearer to roll the money into cocaine straws. Brushes and rollers in the ATM can spread the snot from the nose to the entire supply of money.

9. Nation with the Highest Inflation

To deal with hyperinflation that reached the extraordinary level of 231 million% and the price of a loaf of bread reached 300 billion dollars in Zimbabwe, the government is united Zimbabwe newly formed including competitors of President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai issued a banknote worth $ 100 trillion at the beginning of January 2009. (One hundred trillion is a 1 with 14 zeros making it the highest denomination banknote with the world.

10. First Banknotes

First Banknotes

First Banknotes

The first paper money used by the Chinese, who began to bring as much money during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) and use it for more than 500 years before this money into Europe in the 17th century. China has experienced a financial crisis: excessive production of paper money so that its value declines, pushing inflation higher. As a result, China removes all paper money in 1455 and did not use it again for several hundred years. Another fact: the word ‘cash’ is actually used to call this type of round bronze coins with square holes that are widely used in the Tang Dynasty, called kai-yuans. This is facts about money maybe you don’t know.

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