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10 Interesting Nebraska Facts

Wednesday, November 28th 2012. | Places

Nebraska fact is an interesting topic that I will show you in this post. Nebraska is a state of the United States. This state is located in the center. In 2008, the state has a population of 1,783,432 people and has an area of 200 520 km ². Its capital is Lincoln. Nebraska is a state in the middle of the mainland United States. Area known as farming and ranching town turned out to have a myriad of daily life behind the charm that looks so simple. You’ll find a stretch of wheat fields and pastures extraordinarily beautiful, with a background panorama of mountains and towering rock solid. Going there will bring memories of the Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza, or a classic American adventure movie like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Here is 10 interesting Nebraska facts.

Nebraska Fact 1

Nebraska Fact


Nebraska was once called “The Great American Desert”.

Nebraska Fact 2

In 1927, Edwin E. Perkins of Hastings found a powered soft drink Kool-Aid.

Nebraska Fact 3

J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day in Nebraska City in 1872.

Nebraska Fact 4

State nickname used to be the “Tree Planter State” s “, but was changed in 1945 to the” Cornhusker State “.

Nebraska Fact 5

State insect is the honeybee.

Nebraska Fact 6

State motto: Equality before the law.

Nebraska Fact 7

Goldenrod was declared the state flower on April 4, 1895.

nebraska fact


Nebraska Fact 8

Naval Ammunition Depot located in Hastings was the largest U.S. ammunition plant providing 40% of World War II munitions.

Nebraska Fact 9

Lied Jungle located in Omaha is the largest indoor rainforest in the world.

Nebraska Fact 10

nebraska fact

Reuben Sandwich

This is one of facts about Nebraska. Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich. This is last Nebraska fact.

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