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10 Interesting Paris Facts

Friday, December 7th 2012. | Places

Paris fact is an interesting topic on this post. Paris is City of lights and unsurpassed love. River Seine and the Loire, art, cafes, happy history, fashion runways of Paris and the museum are all coupled architecture, cuisine and attitude! The following offerings relate to past and present Paris and include a variety of topics including people, events, landmarks and many interesting things you can find in Paris. Here are 10 interesting Paris facts.

Paris Fact 1

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Paris City of Fashion

Today Paris is still considered a major center for fashion and lead the European cultural as in previous centuries.

Paris Fact 2

Louis IX was born in 1214. He was famous for fighting in the Crusades died of plague in Tunis.

Paris Fact 3

Sorbonne University was founded in 1253 by Robert de Sorbonne. This is one of the most important centers of learning of the medieval world.

Paris Fact 4

Capetian dynasty began in 987 when Hugues Capet was crowned King of France. His father was Hugh the Great, count of Paris and Duke of the Franks.

Paris Fact 5

Hotel de Crillon is one of the oldest operating hotels in Paris today. Luxury hotel ever to receive the Emperor Hirohito of Japan to live.

Paris Fact 6

Anges-Jacques Gabriel designed Place de la Concorde in 1755.

Paris Fact 7

The mass of Paris stormed the Bastille on July 14, 1789. France celebrates this day as the Fete Nationale. French Revolution lasted from 1789 to 1815. Today is remembered for violence under the Government aptly named Terror.

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Hotel De Crillon

Paris Fact 8

Terror of the Revolution came to a conclusion when Robespierre condemned the guillotine in 1794. Although born in Arras, he was actually of Irish descent. Legend claims that he was the only person guillotined face up.

Paris Fact 9

Ile De La Cite in the Seine River is home to the famous Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle, the Palais de Justice, Place Dauphine and the Square du Vert Galant.

Paris Fact 10

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Eiffel Tower

This is last fact on these facts about Paris. The Eiffel Tower is located on the Champs de Mars. It is 1063 meters high including the antenna. At completion in 1887 it was the tallest structure in the world. This is amazing Paris fact.

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