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10 Interesting Pearl Harbor Facts

Tuesday, November 13th 2012. | History

Tragedy Pearl Harbor is an unforgettable event for the American people, they are suddenly attacked by hundreds of Japanese planes that make the Pearl Harbor destroyed. Don’t you know about Pearl harbor facts? These are 10 facts about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
1. The attack on Pearl Harbor conducted on December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor After Bombed

Pearl Harbor After Bombed

2. Although the attacks have been successful in destroying the parent ship of U.S., but Japan did not attack and spent the ship – American submarines because they consider it does not matter, unfortunately, that decision was wrong once where the ship – the American submarine was very instrumental in deciding to import export subsidies Japan (ships – U.S. submarine fired kapal2 that led Japan).

3. The success of a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor not only from the Americans but also shocking the Japanese side.

4. Actually radar at Pearl Harbor already know that there is a flock of very large air formations that are approaching Pearl Harbor, but the field officers who report to the supervisor considers that formation as the American B-17 plane which was scheduled to come to Pearl Harbor.

5. Japan attacked with a total of 6 carriers and 423 aircraft.

6. One U.S. admiral said, “By ignoring Japan because cunning attack arrived – arrived, the Japanese have been doing a very great and successful.”

7. Please note that before the attacks carried out, Japan deceive Americans by saying that they are interested in peace.

Japanese Naval Airceaft

Japanese Naval Airceaft

8. The attack today was carried out on Sunday morning, because Sunday morning was also likely to cause a lot of American soldiers is still being asleep in bed and not standby.

9. On that Sunday, even worse, U.S. Admiral Husband Kimmel and Gen. Walter Short in a holiday.

General Walter Short

General Walter Short

10. The day after the attack carried out, namely on December 8, 1941, Voting is conducted by the U.S. Congress with the results of all the members of Congress had agreed to the war with Japan, and there is only one voice that does not agree to conduct the war against Japan, the individual is Jeannette Rankin of Montana, The same people voting for the U.S. not intervened in World War I. This is 10 interesting facts about Pearl Harbor.

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