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10 Interesting Pyramid Facts

Saturday, November 3rd 2012. | Things

Pyramid interesting fact is the topic on this post. Egyptian pyramid is the name for which is located in the Egyptian pyramids, known as the “land pyramid” even though the site is found in large numbers in the pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula which is the center of Maya civilization. Here are 10 interesting Pyramid facts.

Pyramid Fact 1

Pyramid fact


There is 118 pyramids in Egypt. But what about those who do not grab headlines: Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III of Dashur looks more like a Rock Ayer from an Egyptian tomb, and the fine tomb in Abusir Sahure once stood 47m high.

Pyramid Fact 2

Pyramid of the 118 excavated by archaeologists Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s most famous, when he and his team discovered the tomb of 4,300 years of the sixth dynasty queen Sesheshet in November last year.

Pyramid Fact 3

Djedefre is one of the ruined pyramids. Pyramid of Menkaure’s pyramid as high as ever, the third largest of the major triad in Giza.

Pyramid Fact 4

Great Pyramid of Khufu is possible, good, great, and the oldest about 4,600 years. Other surprising numbers to the monument is that it includes 2.3 million limestone blocks and weighs 5.9 million tons.

Pyramid Fact 5

More than 100,000 laborers to build the Pyramid of Khufu by Greek historian Herodotus. This fact more than the entire population pyramid of the largest cities in the world at that time.

Pyramid Fact 6

When an American tourist was thrown from his horse in Giza in 1990, a stone horse tripping was a builder of the end of the cemetery.

Pyramid Fact 7

One in three of King Sneferu’s pyramids, the royal cemetery Dashur, significantly bent from about half way to the shallow angle. This creates a unique form for the empire, and experts think it may have been done only because the angles are starting to weaken the building.

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Khufu Pyramid

Pyramid Fact 8

Building south of the pyramid facts scattered in the last year’s top Egyptian culture: just look at the Kushite capital of Meroe based Nile, which lies several hundred miles east of Khartoum, Sudan. Beauty of their own network of small, steep pyramid has been made between the 4th century BC and 3rd century. Kushite kings ruled Egypt during the 25th Dynasty.

Pyramid Fact 9

Pyramid does not stop at the Sahara. Step pyramids of the Maya in Central America are some of the best known and fascinating world of mad-made monuments, and several years have seen the ‘discovery’ of an allegedly insane man-made monuments recognized and breath-taking, and several years have seen the ‘discovery ‘presumably from the Valley of the Pyramids in Bosnia alternative. If it is considered a pyramid, the Pyramid of the Sun will be the structure of Bosnia is the largest of the ancient world, eclipsing opus Khufu by some way.

Pyramid Fact 10

Pyramid fact

Khafre Pyramid

This is last fact on these facts about pyramid article. Pyramid of the fact that the Japanese model has been looking at the bottom of the pyramid of Khafre Osiris shaft, while the University of Leeds-developed RoboScarab (copyright Ann) is making its way through the axis of the mysterious Great Pyramid of Khufu’s. This is interesting Pyramid fact.

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