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10 Interesting Sacagawea Facts

Saturday, May 5th 2012. | People

Sacagawea fact is an interesting topic that I will show you in this post. Sacagawea is the Shoshone woman who helped Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in their adventure to explore the American West, walked a thousand miles from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean between 1804 and 1806. He was given the nickname “Janey” by some members of the expedition. This is 10 interesting Sacagawea facts.

Sacagawea Fact 1

Sacagawea fact


Sacagawea was the fact the daughter of a Shoshone chief, and was born about 1788.

Sacagawea Fact 2

When she was about 12 or 13, Shoshones attacked by a Hidatsa Indian tribes and Sacagawea was captured and sold to a French-Canadian trapper who makes her one of his wives.

Sacagawea Fact 3

William Clark and son liked the nickname “Pomp” or “Pompey” which means first born.

Sacagawea Fact 4

When his son about five, he was placed under the care of Clark to be raised and educated.

Sacagawea Fact 5

Some time after the death of Sacajawea, Clark also got custody of his daughter, Lissette. She raised her children.

Sacagawea Fact 6

Within a few years after arriving in the village of Hidatsa, Sacagawea fact sold or lost in gambling bets to Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian trader. Marriage is not the game of love. Charbonneau has a typical Indian attitude towards women traders-they work very well.

Sacagawea Fact 7

In the fall of 1800, when Sacagawea was about 10 years, the group was camping in the Missouri River near the three forks. Suddenly, a band of Hidatsa (also called Minataree) attack. Shoshone bow and arrow which guns are useless against the Hidatsa. Sacagawea and others were arrested and taken back to the Hidatsa villages near present Stanton, North Dakota.

Sacagawea fact

Sacagawea Raised Both of The Chlidren

Sacagawea Fact 8

In Hidatsa, Sacaga means ‘bird’, and Wea means ‘woman’. Some North Dakota Hidatsa believed that the name should be spelled ‘Sakakawea’.

Sacagawea Fact 9

Sacagawea fact, from Cameahwait, Sacagawea learned that most of his family was killed. Only two brothers and his eldest brother remained. Sacagawea immediately adopt a child.

Sacagawea Fact 10

sacagawea fact

Sacagawea As a Guide

This is last fact on these facts about Sacagawea. August 15, 1805, Sacagawea, Charbonneau, and Clark were walking a high dew-covered grass as Sacagawea suddenly starts jumping around, dancing with joy. Sacagawea he pointed to the fact that India approached and sucked her fingers, as this is a sign that this is a nation. This is interesting Sacagawea fact.

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