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10 Interesting Seahorse Facts

Monday, September 19th 2016. | Animal

Sea horse is a very unique animal. Sea horses are widely used as a decoration in the aquarium. Currently seahorses are hunting by humans and make seahorse population decrease. This is interesting seahorse facts.

1. Having a lot of types and colors, type: bargibanti Hippocampus, Hippocampus kelloggi, histrix Hippocampus, Hippocampus horse, Hippocampus denise, semispinosus Hippocampus, Hippocampus spinosissimus, and Hippocampus trimaculatus, Hippocampus barbouri and others with red, yellow, green, black, pinto, and others.



2. Sea horse can be used for “strong medicine,” This is why the hunting of sea horses.

3. Relatively small size of these animals, from 16mm up to 35cm. for the 35 cm size is difficult to obtain.

4. In a sea horse giving birth was a male sea horse is pregnant and give birth to children sea horses. But fertilization by female.

5. Sea horse has a very unique shape, thus widely used as decoration in aquariums.

6. Have chitin content, collagen and minerals essential. So that the sea horse is sold at a great price, and many people hunt seahorse and sell it on black market.

7. Sea horses have been exported to many countries for the maintenance in the aquarium, or to drugs.

Unique Shape

Unique Shape

8. Seahorse faithful to her partner (monogamy), although there are several species including H. abdominalis, seahorse paunchy who likes adventure and change partners (polygamy).

9. Sea horse has a transparent part of the body so it does not appear in the photographs and observations which need to be more observant to see it.

Seahorse Child

Seahorse Child

10. A newborn seahorses can swim straight. Some facts above are facts about seahorse.

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