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10 Interesting Starfish Facts

Sunday, October 9th 2011. | Animal

Starfish is one of the biological wealth of fauna that are often and easily found in coastal areas and shallow seas around the world. But even so not everyone knows the following interesting starfish facts.

1. Not all starfish have five arms

Starfish Arms

Starfish Arms

Some have more. Sun Star, for example, at the present time her arms could reach 40 pieces!

2. Starfish can regenerate (grow) a broken arm

This is useful if starfish are threatened by predators, he can decide his own arm and escape. It takes about a year to be able to grow back.

3. Starfish have no blood

Have a water vascular system, where starfish can pump sea water through a sieve plate or so-called “madreporite” which also can be a tube feet to extend them. Muscles in the legs retract their tube.

4. Starfish eat by removing the stomach

The mouth of sea stars were under his body. They prey on clams and mussels, as well as small fish, snails, and others. They digest the animals and put his stomach back into the body itself. The mechanism of this unique way of eating that allows the starfish to eat larger prey and can fit into a small mouth.

5. Starfish have eyes

Although they cannot see as well as we do, sea stars have eyes on the tip of each arm. Starfish eyes are very simple, looks like a red dot. His eyes did not look in detail, but could feel the light and dark.

6. Starfish is not fish

Although starfish live in the water, but actually they are not fish. They do not have gills, scales, or fins like a fish and how to move them very different from the fish. Fish propel themselves with their tails, while the starfish have a leg tube to help them move.

7. There are thousands of species of sea stars

There are about 2,000 species of starfish. Some live in tidal areas, the water in, the tropics, and in low-temperature water.

Starfish Have Eyes

Starfish Have Eyes

8. Is a starfish Echinodermata

Starfish is the family of the Phylum Echinodermata. That means they are associated with sand dollars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. All echinoderms have a five-point radial symmetry, meaning that their body plan has five parts (or multiples thereof) arranged around the central disk. Next time you’re in a beach-themed store, see if you can find dried starfish, sand dollars and sea urchins and find 5 sections in each.

9. Starfish is protected by an iron skin

Depending on the species, starfish skin may feel rough, or slightly prickly. Starfish have a tough skin, which consists of calcium carbonate plates with small spines on its surface. thorn in the starfish is used for protection from predators, including birds, fish and sea otters.

10. Starfish move using their tube feet

Starfish Tube Foot

Starfish Tube Foot

Starfish move hundreds of feet using tubes, which lies below them. Foot tube filled with sea water, brought in through a sieve plate or so-called “madreporite” on the side of it. Starfish can move more quickly than people might imagine. Try to visit the tide pools or aquariums and take time to see the starfish to move. Starfish tube foot also helps starfish catch their prey, like clams and mussels. All the facts above are interesting facts about starfish.

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