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10 Interesting Stonehenge Facts

Wednesday, June 8th 2011. | Things

Over the last few centuries, Stonehenge has become one of the mysteries that cannot be solved. Stonehenge has been the object of research by several scientists from around the world. This is 10 Stonehenge facts and myths.

1. Arise because the druids of Stonehenge used as a temple ritual sacrifice to make them bleed. It was one of the first visions rebutted by the development of science and technology. This proved true that the Celts exhibiting no association with the construction of Stonehenge, as they came to the British Isles have been put together megalith slow development.



2. Stonehenge was built as a calendar of the sun and moon, and it is kind of strange astronomical observatory of the Bronze Age. Although there are questions arise then: «Why build such a labor-intensive calendar only for observing the sun and the Lune? Why not to watch by way of leaving a mark on any surface?
3. Stonehenge describes the Solar System model in accordance with a system consisting of 9 planets, instead of 12.

4. As far as the Stonehenge site was found about 250 burials, some scientists conclude that it is a grave Ne

5. Proponents of this idea say that someone making their route of 200 miles to bring a large block of mountains in Wales to Salisbury Plain, for the purpose. Because the site where Stonehenge was built is a place called power, healthful source of energy, where people feel a wave of enthusiasm described and recovered from various illnesses. As proof that there are people with injuries found interments clear body, which may be used to make pilgrimages to the place of vague hopes of getting cured of their disease.

6. Stonehenge is not more or less a portal to a parallel world. Some people believe that the druids are not eradicated by the Roman legionaries, that they simply flee to another dimension with the help of Stonehenge.

7. Stonehenge was created by alien civilizations as a message for mankind, which will be described when mankind was ready for it.

Stonehenge Diagram

Stonehenge Diagram

8. Stonehenge, a monument as an embodiment of the Cult of the Mother Goddess. According to this theory is nothing but brave altar stone is the clitoris.

9. Some believe that the British Isles used to be part of the mountain sinking of Atlantis. The Atlantians, which could affect the nature of the wave and because things are moving a heavy monoliths, Stonehenge was built as one of the many temples of the Sun Cult.

UFO on Stonehenge

UFO on Stonehenge

10. Stonehenge is a landing ground for alien spacecraft, original radar, which shows the direction for the magnetic channel is very strong and energetic than the Earth has been concentrated there. In support of this theory say the fact that the slabs of Stonehenge made of quartz. These minerals are known as typical of the radio wave beam, which makes radio transmitters real megaliths. And magnetic anomalies and the occurrence of a UFO by them attributed to the crop circle phenomenon are quite frequent in the area Stonehenge. Even we have advance hypotheses about the nature of Stonehenge, it is increasingly popular and produced some strange imitation. So in Maryhill, Washington in the early 20th-century copy of Stonehenge was built, to be precise interpretation of Stonehenge in its heyday, before it was destroyed by man and time. In America, the state of Nebraska there Carhendge own, and perhaps in the distant future someone will ask yourself why everyone is strange conveyance of the 20th century are collected together. This is hypothesis, myth and facts about Stonehenge.

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