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10 Interesting Facts About Titanic

Friday, October 26th 2012. | History

Titanic has become part of history which has always been a mystery for 100 out last April, this is a commemoration of 99 years titanic sinking ship. In this post I will share some interesting facts and myths about the sinking of ships that were previously regarded as a ship cannot sink. Before its maiden voyage in April 1912 labeled Titanic ‘unsinkable’ there are 10 Titanic facts and you may not know this fact.

Titanic Ship

Titanic Ship

In April 2011 is the commemoration of 99 years sinking of the Titanic, this is the 10 Things You Might Not Know about the Titanic.


10. There are no cats on the Titanic, this is a mystery in this incident. Cat often brought on board as a form of luck. In addition, cats are also used to control rats.

09. Titanic is a ship that has a pole and a very tall chimney, even considered as empire state building.

08. Among the survivors of that terrible event, there are two dogs who survived among the victims. Maybe you do not know this.

07. 14 years before the inaugural voyage of the Titanic, Morgan Robertson is an author and has written a novel called ‘Futility’ in 1898 and the novel was published almost 14 years before the tragedy of the titanic, In that he wrote a novel about a ship named ‘Titan’ largest ship ever built hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic ocean on a cold April night, Ship “titan” in the novel and the real ship “Titanic” had the same label ‘unsinkable’.

06. Of all the passengers of the Titanic in April 1912, there are 13 couples celebrating their honeymoon on the ship

05. Titanic carry very heavy loads, in total 900 tons Titanic carry loads of baggage and goods.

04. For all the needs of passengers and crew, Titanic requires 14,000 gallons of drinking water every 24 hours and 825 tons of coal per day.

Couple On Titanic

Couple On Titanic

03. The time interval from the first sighting of the iceberg until the occurrence of collisions is 30 seconds, with times as fast as this boat cannot change direction.

02. Titanic sank after 2 hours and 40 minutes after hitting the iceberg, at first the ship began leaking on the hull, after the water meets the hull, Titanic finally sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Titanic Sinking

Titanic Sinking

01. Titanic Cruise Ticket Prices in 1912 are as follows
First Class: $ 4.350 (the best price suite 1 class)
Second Class: $ 1.750
third Class: $ 30
This is just 10 facts about Titanic that not everyone knows.


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