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10 Interesting Tornado Facts

Wednesday, August 3rd 2011. | Nature

A tornado is a rotating column of air that quickly, arising from clouds or from the bottom cumuliform cloud, and often (not always) looks like a funnel cloud. “In other words, a vortex is classified as a tornado, to be connected with the ground and cloud base. Meteorological experts have yet to find an easy way to classify and define tornadoes. It is 10 interesting tornado facts.

1. Some tornadoes can reach wind speeds of 300 mph (480 km / h). And some can even stretch over 2 miles (3 km). If you are curious as to what causes tornadoes



2. The report estimates that there were 800 tornado events in the United States each year.

3. One of the interesting facts about tornadoes does know is that at about 95% of cases, tornadoes have a counter-clockwise rotation. And Most of the twisters have been reported to make the 3:00 to 9:00. Get a glimpse of the famous tornado,

4. May 3, 1999 witnessed the father of all tornadoes. Loss cost more than $ 1 billion property in Oklahoma. This is the date of Heaven and Earth sure is expensive!

5. Various types of tornadoes have different shapes or sizes. However, one must-know facts about tornadoes is that most of them occur in the form of a visible condensation funnel. Narrow end touches the earth and this formation is usually surrounded by a cloud of dust and debris.

6. Every continent has been hit by a tornado at least once, except Antarctica.

7. One of the fun facts about the tornado is that they play around with your home. Scientist has observed that some of the tornadoes took the hop sessions at several places. For example, you may find a house is intact, but the tornado destroyed his neighbor’s house, but he passed the house and destroyed his neighbor’s house the next.

Tornado Diagram

Tornado Diagram

8. According to the survey, every year, dozens of people dying from a tornado in the United States.

9. People from Manikganj District, Bangladesh had to face the deadliest tornado in recorded human history. It is responsible for leaving about 8000 homes, 12000 people were killed and 1300 wounded.

Great Tornado

Great Tornado

10. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, and Nebraska associated with a top five place “favorite” where most tornadoes occur. Some of the facts above are facts about tornado.

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