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10 Interesting Facts Turtle

Monday, November 21st 2011. | Animal

Turtle fact is an interesting topic that we will discuss in this paper. Not all people know about turtle fact. Here are 10 interesting turtle facts.

Turtle fact 1



Testudo, the Latin word for tortoise, shell and arch. This name is also used for the roman army warfare techniques. Standing close together, in the form of a rectangular, flat They Held their shields above their heads, to form a protective dome, which allows them to approach the enemy en masse?

Turtle fact 2

Black soft-shelled turtle is an important figure in Hindu mythology. The animals Representing Trust souls of sinners and transformed into reptiles by a 13th-century saint, is in the tank attached to a temple in Bangladesh.

Turtle fact 3

The oldest tortoise may have been known to Radiated tortoises from Madagascar (Astrochelys radiata), who died in 1965.

Turtle fact 4

The upper shell of the turtle consists of about 50 bones, including a modified rib, bone, skin and bone plates.

Turtle fact 5

Are the Galapagos tortoise species of turtles that live Largest, some turtle weighs over 570 pounds.

Turtle fact 6

Leatherback turtle is the only species that have no backbone attached to the inside of the shell. They are also the largest species of sea turtles in the world.

Turtle fact 7

Leatherback and soft-shelled turtles, the bony scutes have been replaced by tough, leathery skin.

Galapagos Turtoise

Galapagos Turtoise

Turtle fact 8

It can be difficult to estimate accurately the age of turtles. However, it is believed that many species can live 50-80 years in the wild with the right conditions.

Turtle fact 9

Turtles have no teeth.

Turtle fact 10

Stupendemys Geographicus

Stupendemys Geographicus

This is the last fact on these facts about turtle article. Stupendemys geographicus is a turtle with a pre-historic 10 feet long and weighs 4.000 to 5.000 pounds. This is unique turtle fact.

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