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10 Interesting Facts about Uranus

Tuesday, February 14th 2012. | Universe

Uranus fact is an interesting fact that we will discuss in this post. Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the planets toughest third and fourth largest in the Solar System. He was named after the ancient Greek sky god Uranus (Οὐρανός) the father of Kronos (Saturn) and grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter). Here are 10 interesting Uranus facts.

Uranus Fact 1

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Uranus was discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781.

Uranus Fact 2

At first the planet Uranus was named “Georgium Sidium”, in honor of King George III of England.

Uranus Fact 3

In 1850 the name “Georgium Sidium” was changed to Uranus, in accordance with the tradition of naming the planets based on the name of the Roman gods.

Uranus Fact 4

Uranus was found by William Herschel in the year 1781 by chance. He was found at a distance 19 AU from the Sun. He has a center-line of 51 800 km which makes it the third planet in the system of Syria.

Uranus Fact 5

Current position of Uranus may be the result of the game ‘pinball’ Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter and Saturn are thought to disrupt the planet’s orbit. Computer simulations suggest that Jupiter and Saturn came out of their orbit for the first time in the history of the solar system. This ruined orbit another object nearby.

Uranus Fact 6

Uranus is composed of hydrogen and helium, a little methane and some other elements. Uranus looks blue-green and has no particular characteristics.

Uranus Fact 7

Uranus has 27 months. Like all giant planets, Uranus has share facts about the moon. Astronomers now count 27 natural satellites. But they are actually a group of fairly light from the moon. If you can add all of their mass, they will account for less than half the mass of Triton, Neptune’s largest moon. Largest moon, Titania, has a diameter about half the diameter of Earth’s moon.

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Jupiter And Saturn

Uranus Fact 8

Facts about Uranus day on Uranus is only about 17 hours. But the slope of Uranus successful that one or the other pole is usually pointed toward the Sun. This means that the day at the north pole of Uranus lasts half a Uranian year – 84 years on Earth. So, if you can stand at the north pole of Uranus, you will see the emergence of the sun in the sky, circle around for 42 years, and finally dipped below the horizon. Then you will have 42 years of darkness.

Uranus Fact 9

All the planets in our solar system rotate on their axis, with a slope similar to the Sun. Of course, the planets are slightly skewed. In other words, the planet rotates on its side. All the planets look a bit like a spinning top as they go around the sun, but the fact about Uranus is more like the ball rolling on its side.

Uranus Fact 10

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Uranus Has Rings

This is last fact on facts about Uranus article. Uranus has rings. Obviously Saturn has rings, you can see them in a backyard telescope. But the facts about Uranus has a ring is something wonderful. Unlike Saturn particles made of a bright ice, ring of Uranus is very dark. They are also narrow, measuring only a few miles wide. Astronomers think that the rings of Uranus are very young, and may have formed relatively new, and do not coincide with the planet. This is interesting Uranus fact.

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