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10 Interesting Wind Energy Facts

Thursday, June 9th 2011. | Environment

Wind is something we cannot see, but we can feel. Wind is one source of energy needed by humans. These are the top 10 wind energy facts.

1. Historically, ancient boats have harnessed the wind to propel the boat since 5000BC. Windmills were first discovered in Persia (Iran). Chinese communities utilizing wind power and windmills to pump water for agriculture since 2000BC.

Ancient Boat

Ancient Boat

2. Modern wind turbines are the largest in the world can be found in Hawaii. These turbines stand as tall as 20 floors and have a giant rotor with a size of a football field.

3. Britain is a country in Europe that has the most powerful wind flow. It has the potential of wind power wind power so much that it is enough to run the whole house and building in the country several times if fully utilized.

4. Wind energy is the fastest growing alternative energy source in the world. We just need the wind with a speed 14 mph for powering our electronic equipment.

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

5. Wind energy is pollution-free, it is very abundant source of power not only in Europe but also in the United States, Africa, Asia and Australia and economically competitive. In other words, wind energy is cheap and unlimited.

6. Germany is the first countries in Europe that utilize wind energy resources are plentiful. Germany has replaced the need for 8750 MW of electrical energy with wind energy.

7. In the United States, the use of wind energy is less significant than in Europe. The main reason of this condition is that fossil fuels are still profitable. Wind energy is more environmentally friendly than fossil energy.

8. The main source of wind energy is the power of Sun. It will run as long shinning sun. Unlike fossil fuels, wind energy has no fuel expense, no residual pollution, and do not have such as nuclear radiation.

9. Wind energy is the best alternative if we do not want to face the side effects of nuclear power plants. If the U.S. government to harness the power of wind energy can replace 50% of U.S. electrical energy needs

Wind Farm

Wind Farm

10. The other side of the wind energy facts, a pollutant-free, unlimited, reliable, and there are no fuel costs. Wind energy requires a high construction cost and instability of the wind speed. Some say the instability of the wind to make wind energy is less desirable for use as an energy source. Some of the above facts are facts about wind energy.

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