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10 Interesting World War 1 Facts

Sunday, August 21st 2011. | History

World War I is one of the worst conflicts in human history, leaving a very bad impact in the 20th century. Many historians feel that if there was no World War One, would not be a World War Two. Industrial war mobilization first saw the 70 million soldiers and the deaths of over 15,000,000. While we all know how the war started and the various battles in the war. The following are interesting ww1 facts.

1. Christmas Truce

Christmas Truce

Christmas Truce

December 24, 1914, German and British soldiers who previously fought in Flanders, together, singing carols, playing football and exchanged gifts. Apparently, the event was initiated soothing Germany by singing Christmas carols. Hear the Germans singing, the British began to sing Christmas carols. The German army had invited them. The truce lasted until the 1st when the two sides back to killing each other.

2. Versailles Treaty
Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I was officially signed in 1919, five years after the Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated. Interestingly, in previous times there are other agreements, also called the Treaty of Versailles. Namely, the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1756, 1757 1758, 1768, 1774, 1783, 1787 and 1871

3. AEF commander, General Pershing and Supreme Allied Commander, equally unhappy with the Treaty of Versailles (1919). They both feel Germany has not lost. According to them, one day Germany will come back and fight them again. Foch even said that the Treaty of Versailles is not a treaty. He said: “This is not peace, but a truce for 20 years!” Twenty years and two months later, the Germans will fight with France and Britain.

4. Treaty of Versailles was signed in rail cars, which are stored as a monument in France for many years. Approximately 22 years later, in June 1940, Hitler made the French sign their surrender in the same car. Four years later, before the Allies liberated France, Hitler destroyed the monument was to prevent France forced Germany to sign another contract there.

5. Truce

Armistice was signed on the morning of November 11 at 5 am Paris time. But the commanders then have a different perception. Some commanders wanted to withdraw. While other commanders, especially American commanders are hoping the promotion before the war ended at the same time wanted to kill Germans did not agree. As a result, the war was resumed. Thousands of people were killed and wounded in a war that lasted six hours, before the war declared over at 11.

6. Claimed Still Active
A lot of unexploded ordnance around the old battlefield, in France and Belgium. This is often expressed by farmers who worked in the fields. Even at the Canadian Vimy Memorial in France, visitors are prohibited from walking into certain areas to avoid risk.

7. This is a war that going on three different continents and the first use of aircraft carriers and fighter planes



8. If a soldier fell ill, the medical officer will put a note diagnosis. He will then sit on the curb and waited for an ambulance picked up by passing. Without these records, the soldier will be considered deserters.

9. Millions of homeless rats in the trenches the Germans and the Allies. The rats will become a monster that could eat the wounded soldiers if the soldiers cannot defend themselves.

Killed Soldier

Killed Soldier

10. It is estimated that, 230 soldiers were killed every hour in a war that lasted four and a half years. All interesting facts above is world war 1 facts.

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