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10 Interesting Zebra Facts

Saturday, August 13th 2011. | Animal

Zebra is an animal that is very similar to horses, zebras have a very unique shape. Zebras usually live in groups, the current number of zebra population decreases. This is 10 interesting zebra facts.

1. Zebra able to see clearly when in fact the night.

Eye Zebra

Eye Zebra

2. Zebras and horses are included in one genus, the genus Equus.

3. Zebra weigh about 55-88 pounds when they were born.

4. Zebras usually live in groups of a stallion, Several Mares, and Their offspring.

5. Zebras can run at speeds up to 35 miles per hour.

6. The gestation period is approximately 12-14 months depending on the zebra species are.

7. Each zebra species has its own variations of striping, striping on the zebra is unique as human fingerprints.

Zebra Run

Zebra Run

8. In the wild, zebras can live for 20-30 years, and zebras can live up to 40 years in zoos. Zebras have a common life with horses.

9. Grass is the main food for the zebra that lived in the wild.

10. Zebras live in various habitats such as mountains, hills, forests, grasslands, savanna.

Zebra in Savanna

Zebra in Savanna

Zebra is one animal that has a unique color, each zebra has a different striping. Some of the above facts are facts about zebra that maybe you not know.

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